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Home Fire

Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie is shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for fiction 2018 and Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017. Here’s the blurb of the book taken from Goodreads-

Isma is free. After years of watching out for her younger siblings in the wake of their mother’s death, she’s accepted an invitation from a mentor in America that allows her to resume a dream long deferred. But she can’t stop worrying about Aneeka, her beautiful, headstrong sister back in London, or their brother, Parvaiz, who’s disappeared in pursuit of his own dream, to prove himself to the dark legacy of the jihadist father he never knew. When he resurfaces half a globe away, Isma’s worst fears are confirmed.

Then Eamonn enters the sisters’ lives. Son of a powerful political figure, he has his own birthright to live up to—or defy. Is he to be a chance at love? The means of Parvaiz’s salvation? Suddenly, two families’ fates are inextricably, devastatingly entwined, in this searing novel that asks: What sacrifices will we make in the name of love?

We hope you get to pick this book with us. Tell us what you liked most about this book. We’ll be dropping two copies of this book by the end of May. We hope you get to pick it.


Book of the month

Mothering A Muslim


What does it mean to be a middle-class Muslim kid in India today? Talking to over a hundred children and their parents across twelve cities, Nazia Erum uncovers stories of religious segregation in classrooms and rampant bullying of Muslim children in many of the country’s top schools.

A Goodreads reader commented- “Mothering A Muslim is not an argument over religion. It is a conversation on the values with which children are being raised today. Children perceive actions more than words and unknowingly imbibe the sentiments of the elders around them. This book is a call to parents and teachers on the role they have as nurturers and educationists. For they are the ones who must rise to fight for what is right in the hopes of creating a better future for all of us.

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Book of the month

Small Acts of Freedom

March is the month when Internation Women’s day falls (March 8) and we were sure we wanted to put a book on our shelf which deals with women. Undoubtedly, Small acts of freedom was our first choice.

Gurmehar Kaur’s memoir Small Acts of Freedom is a deeply personal work of nonfiction that tells the story of three generations of strong single women in her own family. “When people ask me where I gather strength from, I cannot just point at one incident. My story does not start with me,” says Kaur.

Telling the tale of three passionate women (her grandmother, her mother and herself) who have faced the world on their own terms, the book’s unusual narrative structure criss-crosses elegantly between past and present, spanning 70 years from 1947 to 2017. Small Acts of Freedom is a story of courage, strength, and love. About the book, Gurmehar told TOI, “This book is not so much about me as much as the sensibilities that I have inherited from my mother and grandmother. They have both managed to bring up children single-handedly. This book is about three women in a family and their courage.” She added, “This book is also to give the angle of war a more emotional note because there are not many books to chronicle the war in first-hand narratives.

If you are enamored by her already, pick the book with us and start reading with us. We’ll be dropping this book by the end of this month.



Book of the month

Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl


There is no explanation needed why we chose this book as our Book Of The Month- February. It is the month of love and what could be better than a book on the nation’s heartthrob. ❤

About the book

One of the most enduring divas of Hindi cinema, a producer and director for films and television, dancer and choreographer par excellence, magazine editor, an active member of Parliament and now a singer, Hema Malini wears many hats with admirable ease.

No other industry name comes close to matching the breadth of her achievements. In an industry where the male star has traditionally driven the commercial success of films, Hema was an exception, with her name alone sufficing to ensure a film’s box-office glory. She was, arguably, India’s first female superstar.

Apart from starring in mainstream super-hits, she received critical acclaim for her performances in Lal Patthar, Khushboo, Kinara, Meera, Ek Chadar Maili Si and Razia Sultan.

But there is much more to her than just her Bollywood journey. From her efforts at reviving and sustaining classical dance to her graceful handling of her personal life and the controversies that have plagued her in her political avatar, from her relationships to her religious beliefs and her recent tryst with singing, Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl covers it all. With detailed interviews and exclusive anecdotes from her family, friends and co-actors, this is an inside look at the remarkable life of one of our greatest cinema icons, someone who has truly lived life on her own terms.

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Book of the month

The Tree Bears Witness: A Birbal Mystery

Barely a month has passed since the royal wedding of Emperor Akbar to the legendary Jodha, when the new queen’s brother, Sujjamal, is found murdered in the palace gardens. With his honor and reputation at stake, Akbar asks his trusted advisor Birbal to solve the mystery. The murder has taken place in a garden, at a spot between two mango trees, and the two guards who are eyewitnesses have conflicting versions of what could have happened. Was it suicide? Was it Akbar himself who ordered the killing or was it the Rajputs who accompanied Sujjamal, his uncles, and cousin, who are guilty?

Set in a period that has been described as the golden age of the Mughals, the novel draws us into the royal court of Agra, abuzz with political intrigue, personal enmities, and hidden rivalries, where everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise.

Grab this riveting thriller with us and start reading. Or board the metro and keep your eyes peeled for a copy of this book.