Welcome to Books On The Delhi Metro!

Do you commute by Delhi metro? Are you fond of reading? Do you believe in fairies?

Well, guess what? We too! We are a bunch of book lovers who believe inย sharing-is-caring.ย  And we decided to take this a step ahead.

So now if you see some stickered beauties while you are commuting, don’t fret, don’t hesitate. Those books are there to be picked, read, and devoured!

Here’s what you have to do-


Found one of our books on the metro? The book needs your warmth, a new home.
Feel free to pick it up and take it with you!


All our books celebrate the unique and powerful work of a wide range of genres. Read, love and devour them!


Once you’ve finished the book, return it to any metro station you like. Just inform us through social media (Facebook message, Instagram DM, or Tweet us) and we’ll retweet/repost your drop!



6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi I just saw a Post on LBB, describing this very exciting and applausible work that you do.
    I want to be aware of how the whole idea works.
    Do you post clues on your facebook page, as to where to find the books?
    And what if someone is not courteous enough to return them?
    Thanks and Regards

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  2. Hello ! I’ve been following this page on Instagram for like 2 months now.I love how you people are spreading joy and happiness among bookworms and people in the Delhi Metro. I love your initiative and when I told my friends about this they were all praises. To be honest I view BODM page on my Instagram everyday. It’s like a little adventure or a treasure hunt. Can you please tell me how can I do my part and contribute to this initiative. Also can I please be a book elf , if that’s possible. Please… I would love to be a book elf. In case you want to contact me on my Instagram ID- adityavikram_av
    Thanks and Warm Regards.

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I am so happy that I get to know about this. I am a true believer of fairy tales and now that I came across this amazing thing , I really want this to happen with me because not always everyone can afford books but also they believe there are people like you who act as a book Fairy.

-Mousumi Sheel

A big fan of yours

The idea behind this page just made my day! Thank you for spreading some love around Delhi metro via your books. I hope more people start doing the same. I know I definitely will. ๐Ÿ™‚

-Manish Gill

Love the initiative